Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My back is hurting to the point where I woke up last night in pain.  Lance was snoring and elbowing in my back which didn’t help.  The imitation Ibuprofen didn’t help.  And because it didn’t help, I didn’t take any more.  What did help oddly enough was finding the right humming frequency.  Doing this has worked on headaches, migraines, and now back pain.

When I say migraines, I mean the ones where you feel like you’re about to vomit, or you are almost in tears because you just want the pain to go away for 5 seconds but it is only 9am, so you still have to function (98% of the time I do), because I have had migraines since elementary school with no relieve.

Rather than sit in front of the television and not do anything, I decided to shower and re-dread(lock) my hair.  I started doing my hair in January 2014 because we moved to a new place, too far from my novice natural hairdresser.  Last month I bought all of the utensils I would need: blower dryer, hair clips, shea butter, all-in-one hair oil.  The total cost was $30, but having spent 2-3 hrs doing my hair (this time too) saves about $60 every time I do my hair myself…

I still hurt…

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I wasn’t going to walk today, because the left side of my back hurts still.  I didn’t do anything yesterday and for those of you that don’t know me well enough, that usually means, that I was more laid back as to what-ever I did.  Yesterday however, I laid on the couch, ate oatmeal, and after developing a migraine, slept for over 2 hours, washed dishes, made dinner, and proceeded to watch as much as the Westminster Kennel Show I could tolerate before going to lay down.  Anyway, I watched at much as I can before I let the migraine win and went to bed.  (I also didn’t have any water all day and going from 1.5 cisterns to 0 is not smart.

My foot pain was back for a few days, but I think that it was due to walking 6 days a week or not doing the foot exercises Abui gave m.  In short, my foot pain can be attributed to me not following through.

Here is where I am via Abui’s Metamorphose App:
You worked out for 11 days in 6 weeks
Your bodyweight increased by 4.50 Lbs
Your bodyfat has not changed  (I have no clue how to measure this)

My weight is obviously fluctuating even though I have dropped a pants size, from a 12/14 to a snug 10.  I am also ravenous and exhausted which means that I am not eating enough overall and unless I have go to meals (usually a bag of vegetables, this area have dramatic health effects.  I am off to eat.  Hungry Beast (Puff, Facebook reference) out!

Just ate 2 servings of vegetables and am thinking of drinking more water.  Skinny girl water enhancers are tasty and a little goes a very long way.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I was supposed to have worked out yesterday but I had some house cleaning that took over the day, so by the time I went to pick Lance up, I was tired.  We also picked up some milk, creamer, and cookies yesterday.  Yes, Nutty Butter cookies, to which we both had 4 the entire night.  I also noticed that I am up to drinking 60+oz or 2 Nalgene 32 oz containers of water daily.  My body seems to like it; thus, making me a peeing machine.

It’s 9am and I have yet to eat breakfast, besides the two cookies I had.  I will remedy that, and start having water for which I am been craving since yesterday, ½ a gallon of tea apparently didn’t do it.

(No session today)
I did my goal of three workouts this week!!!  It is a lot harder than it seems regardless of one’s schedule. Lance and I went to Publix and got some great food.  I really like Publix, I wish my budget could afford it. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A favorite shirt of mine, is fitting like 2 inches looser around the waist.  Also, we went shoe shopping I picked up 2 pairs of Sketches, Go Walk, on “sale” (buy on get one FREE is a sale, anything else is a scam but I didn’t pay full price).  Anyway, the old shoes are scheduled to be thrown out and I found out that I am down a clothing size from a 12/14 to a snug 10! 

Lance also took me to Guitar Center, we like to hang out there, and for the first time I wasn’t self-conscious as to if anyone was paying attention.  Lance noticed it as well.  He is so proud of me.  (I am painfully shy and pretend to be an extrovert).  So excited!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

We are making progress.  I am always concentrating on my form when I used to workout, so I am enjoying this slower paced workout routine; it’s personalized for what I need and my goals and I think my chest muscles are becoming firmer and L said that my big and stomach are tightening.  Scary. 

Because I am committed in a new way to my health I am scared that I will start to sabotage myself as I have done in the past.  Embarrassingly, I brought this up to Abui and she has me write down what, where, and how I sabotage myself.  I see them and what solutions I can make:

1.)   I need more healthy (there is that word again) snacks that I don’t have to worry about enjoying (There isn’t a great deal of junk food in our house to begin with usually)
2.)  She wants another Summation, (last time I was supposed to do it, I was not be precise enough)  My precision is now like Cyclops at pool (X-men comic reference)
3.)  Looking up a Caribbean diet and redefining it for myself (It’s what I know)
4.)  Reference Food Chart (Lance, commented on something called the Food Chemical Chart
5.)  Food Chemical Chart

These weeks have seemingly flown by homework wise, because Abui makes the bar so slow that it is achievable and doable.  I do fail periodically, but usually I don’t because I do the easier stuff either the same day of our meetings, after the phone call or hours before, if I forget.

I am still unemployed and so my main tasks are about 1-2hrs cleaning the house (every other day), laundry by hand (if need be to save money), job hunting, working out, meal preparations music practice, songwriting, music (flute, mandolin, guitar, orcarina: think Zelda) playing and repeat.  I am used to using my time wisely because of summer boredom.  I loathe being home everyday and walking helps.  I am certain that if I had a job this would be a great harder because it’s not as easy as I am making it seem now.  Or maybe not, because I don’t like to waste time.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

This week is about working out 3 time a week, walking twice a week and the hardest parts yet; leaving space in between my food.  (And she said that Mio was okay even with the nasty Aspartame in it).

People make It seem as though working out is an easy thing, but after years of struggling, I can honestly say, that is about talking one’s self into it and fighting for that time as is it is about the motivation

This thing about leveling the mountains on my plate has been easier than I thought.  However, creating some space on the plate has been challenging because after eating I am hungry and so I am dragging around my water.  Every time I feel hungry I drink which is helping with water intake. This is a battle.

The application for the cell phone is working well enough, even though it isn’t perfect, but it’s about a 90% suitable for my needs.  Meanwhile Abui has me using her Metamophose application, which I am still trying wrap my brain around, because she KNOWS if I did the workout or not.  I know that I could lie about it and all but… yeah I can’t… or can I?  I could be then that would make a mockery of her time and mine, next thing you know the streets are paved with jam and only children and animals are happy.  We all lose.

The major question she asked me for next week: what does it mean to be a Black female in the (rural) South…

Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy belated New Year!  Nothing was done on that day either due to no gas money to go into town.  We have an incredibly boring life.  (Most of my friends down here have the same life.  We make enough money to barely pay bills, put gas in the car and stay home.  This is why the military, drugs, sports, and churches are so prevalent; no one leaves otherwise).

Today’s session with Abui was about how I am to get a better job in this new small town that is closer to Tallahassee, with limited resources and a different demographic from San Jose.  Good times.  Scholar to scholar discussions, hypotheticals, rephrasing: cerebellum-fun at its finest.  Don’t get me wrong, I do this with Lance too, but this, with Abui, is cultural-vernacular with a great deal of code, subtly, and plainspoken literalness and it’s… home.

Abui and I have me working on a great deal of things this already:  I am finalizing my workout time schedule (giving myself enough time to procrastinate on it and then to finally do it).  And lot more brainstorming and prioritizing in order for other goals to work.  Furthermore, she wanted me to find a way of tracking all that I am doing.  Yes my phone has a calendar, but why use it when dates aren’t important?  I don’t like those Calorie Counter applications because those are better when one is eating out, and it takes a lot of work.  They get on my nerves.

I found an application I like and it gets the job done with colorful pictures that appeal to me and that is easy to use.

I am currently walking twice a week and working out twice a week.  The goal for workouts are 3 times weekly.  I am a binge water drinker so the application I use help with that too.

I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but as I have said previously, Abui was an old friend.  How I have been talking about her is more in a business-supervisor role.  So far we haven’t had time for no more than 1 or 2 social visits.  I’ll take what I can get.  Haha.

By the way, WE HAVE TELEVISION!!!!!!!!! A friend gave us her 85 pound, flat screen but it works.  We can now watch, Archer, the cartoon series, whom Archer, my dog, is named after!!!

I am excited these days!